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Fiber Farm

My husband and I purchased our little plot in 2019, with the dream of building a Fiber Farm. We hope to help rebuild the local fiber shed, and encourage others to wear local, not just eat local. 

We hope in the future to be a place that people can come visit and connect with the sheep and purchase fiber for those crafters among us. 

It's going to be a crazy journey and it might not work out, but we would love to have you along for the ride.

Purchase our yarns at: or by visiting the farm

Purchase our Farm Plans on our Etsy Shop: 


ABOUT Mefford Meadows

Our farm is located in Franklin, TN. If you have never been to this area I highly recommend a trip, we have some beautiful country around us. We have 7 acres that is broken up into different fields. In the front of the property we have started a small orchard, which hasn't taken off! We have over 30 Merino Sheep and 6 Babydoll Southdowns. In the first back section we currently have a play area for the kids and our families vegetable garden. We have also planted several brambles that we hope will grow up into beautiful raspberry and blackberry bushes for the kids to snack on. The back largest portion of the yard houses our barn, the chicken co-op and that land for the Southdown and Merino sheep.


What we hope to offer in the future?

  • Organic, Free Range, Chicken Eggs

  • Raw Fleece and Roving for Hand Spinners

  • Yarn

  • Knit Wear

  • Lambs

  • A Community Space for Visiting the animals and Taking Classes

  • Alpacas (Maybe?)

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