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Free Range Chickens!

So my husband puts up with a lot of my whims... one day I said, I want chickens and the next we had a box of baby chicks at the post office waiting for us! It has been an adventure! We love seeing them walking around the yard just doing chicken stuff. The eggs are amazing so big and the yolks are so yellow! I love baking with them, especially breads. However it has not been easy sailing the whole time. So these are the three survivors! We started off with 8 chicks:

2 Black Marans

4 Easter Eggers

1 Rhode Island Red

1 Golden Buff

We have lost 4 to predators, we believe a very pesky racoon and one to natural causes. So now we have just 2 Easter Eggers and 1 Golden Buff and just these 3 and we have more than enough eggs for baking and to supply my parents. We plan to increase the flock again when we are ready to sell the extra eggs.

One challenge I have found with selling them is the cost of egg cartons. I figure I can sell them for $4 to $5 a dozen however the cost of the crates is around $1, so it really eats into any chance of profits. We also have to account for the beding, the extra feed and any medicines they might need. But if we combine with other things I think its still possible to make it worthwhile.

I support my family through my real estate sales right now, so if you or anyone you know is looking to buy or sell in the Franklin, TN area check us out at we can help you find a homestead of your own, or atleast a lot big enough for a few chickens of your own!

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