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My raspberries keep dying!!

I am intent on having a large range of food grown on my little farm, and one that I want very badly is raspberries. I love raspberry jelly and I love to put it in cookies and pies. So I am sad that my poor brambles are just not doing so great again this year...

So my mission has started I am going to save them!! I need them up and producing so I can start canning jellies! What can I homesteader would I be without some good home made canned goods!

So, today I am going to be putting compost down on them. Will and I have a FoodCycler it's a countertop composter that runs overnight and you have compost that is ready to go down on the garden the next day.

I will upload some pictures to report on their progress as I go along... I am not the best green thumb... hang in there little plants....

As it doesnt look like I am going to be making money off of raspberries or canning this year please keep us in mind for any real estate needs you might have near Franklin, TN. Check us out at we would love to help you find a place to plant better brambles then mine!

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